Carpet Cleaning Snellville

Carpet Cleaning Snellville, GA

Our team at Better Image Cleaning offers trusted and reliable services for all your carpet cleaning needs. Our staff are trained under the top cleaning standards and are provided with state-of-the-art equipment. This ensures that all our clients get the level of satisfaction they expect from our high-quality services.

Cleaner Carpets

We’ve formulated a carpet cleaning solution that’s carbonated, which allows it to deeply penetrate every fiber in your carpet. Our staff also complete this process through the use of powerful extraction equipment to give your carpets the most thorough clean. Finally, there’s no residue left behind, which means it won’t attract further dirt, which means they’ll stay cleaner for longer.

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Drier Results

Our Chem-Dry cleaning process for carpets uses 80% less water compared to typical steam cleaning, allowing it to dry within hours instead of days. This means that your business can get back into action as soon as possible. At Better Image Cleaning, we know that every second counts, so we won’t make your business wait any longer than it has to. 

Healthier Environment

Better Image Cleaning uses powerful extraction cleaning to get rid of dirt, stains, and grime effectively. This low-water method ensures that there’s minimum risk of mildew or mold developing on carpets as a result of excess water produced by many steam carpet cleaners. You can also count on us to use an eco-friendly solution that’s free from chemicals or harsh soaps, making it completely safe for your staff and business.

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Carpet Maintenance

Maintaining our carpets is an important part of our cleaning services, which is why we always have carpet cleaning products and machines handy. We highly suggest that businesses should vacuum carpets one to two times a week, especially if it’s in a high-traffic area. Doing this will ensure that you’ll at least remove dirt from the surface, and will prevent dirt from becoming embedded deep into the carpet.

If proper maintenance isn’t provided, the carpet will begin to lose its color, and its fibers will start to wear out. Our team also ensures to clean your carpets according to their type. If you have a cut pile carpet, we use an upright cleaner with a beater bar and a brush, while a loop pile carpet is treated by using only the suction head of a cylinder cleaner.

We also pay extra attention by giving new carpets a regular vacuuming program. For instance, man-made and wool twist pile carpets need vacuuming as soon as possible to prevent isolated particles from settling into the fibers. 

Call Better Image Cleaning

If you’re looking for carpet cleaning experts, be sure to give us a call. With our systematic cleaning procedures, we make cleaning look easy while giving your carpets a brand new look. As a result, our commercial carpet cleaning services are among the best in the state. 

Our steam carpet cleaning process also helps to reduce mold, fungi, dust, mildew, and other allergens. This can help to aid those who suffer from asthma and allergies. At Better Image Cleaning, your carpet will also dry faster, thanks to our top-quality equipment.