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Strip & Wax Services in Snellville

Strip & Wax Services in Snellville

If your floors still look dull and dirty after cleaning them with every kind of floor cleaner you can find, then you need a floor stripping and waxing service. Let our cleaning professionals take care of your floors, and we promise they will look as good as new.

Better Image Cleaning believes that stripping and waxing floors are vital steps in the upkeep of any facility. If you want your commercial building to look clean and presentable, there is no better way to make that happen than strip and wax services.

Complete Stripping and Waxing of Floors

Better Image Cleaning is immensely proud to provide our complete cleaning services in Snellville. By complete, we mean that our technicians will strip your floors inch by inch. After stripping your floors, we will recoat it with layers of the best quality, industrial-grade wax. With this, we can ensure that your flooring remains attractive for years.

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Cleaning floor with machine

Our Floor Stripping and Waxing Services Steps

Our strip and wax services have three simple steps, which are:

1. Floor Stripping
We start by removing the wax’s top coat that remains on your flooring. By stripping your floors, we can also remove the dirt and grime that built up on your floors. This allows them to look brand-new. 

2. Sealant
Once we have stripped your floors, we will seal them using a high-quality sealant. After sealing the floors, we will buff the surface until it shines. By sealing and polishing your floors, we can help extend its life, reduce scratches, and guard it against abrasion.

3. Waxing

The last step of our strip and wax services is the wax application. With the wax, we can give your floors a protective glow that will not only make them shine but guard them as well. Rest assured that we use only industrial-grade wax when waxing floors.

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Why Choose Better Image Cleaning Services

At Better Image Cleaning, we provide a floor stripping and waxing service guaranteed to keep your floors clean and shiny. We are confident in our service as we are professionals dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Our focus is to ensure you get the best result. We always work with care to ensure our services meet your expectations, all while maintaining reasonable prices. Along with that, we also offer the following benefits: 

  • Guaranteed floor stripping and waxing service

  • 15+ years of commercial cleaning experience

  • Industrial grade supplies

  • Professional equipment

Whenever you need stripping and waxing services, don’t hesitate to call us at  (770) 515-8999 or send an email to

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