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Data center cleaning

Data Center Cleaning Snellville, GA

Over the years, data centers have experienced data loss, media errors, network downtime, and more because of dust and particulate contaminants accumulating inside electronic equipment. 

Better Image Cleaning offers professional cleaning services to data centers, critical facility managers, and IT companies in Atlanta.

Contact us today to keep your data centers running smoothly.

Clean and Sanitary Data Centers

Similar to how IT technicians perform regular maintenance and system checks, businesses and data center managers must ensure regular cleaning and sanitation of the facility. Routine cleaning helps decrease the number of pollutants and contaminants that may accumulate inside IT or server rooms over time.

Our highly trained cleaning technicians are well-versed in cleaning data centers and delivering exceptional results. Better Image Cleaning has more than 15 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients.

No matter the size of your data center or server room, our technicians will ensure they are clean, sanitized, and operating optimally.

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The Importance of Data Center Cleaning

Dust, debris, and other contaminants can shut down data centers, networking equipment, and other IT elements critical for an organization or business.

Neglecting to clean critical data facilities can adversely affect the overall operational efficiency of the business. In worst case scenarios, it may even cause IT failures, downtime, and more. Even a small amount of downtime can potentially lead to thousands or millions of losses for the company.

One of the best ways to prevent downtime and stop technical issues from escalating is by ensuring a clean and optimized data center environment.

Key Benefits of Data Center Cleaning

  • Reduces dirt build-up in servers

  • Better data processing

  • Improved equipment lifespan

  • Better equipment reliability

  • Improved server efficiency

  • Avoid dirt or contamination-related downtime

  • Ensure optimal working environment

  • Lower downtime costs or losses

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Our Data Center Cleaning Services

Clients can count on our team of expert data cleaning professionals to provide premium cleaning services from top to bottom. Trust us to handle any project you may have for us, including the following:

  • Equipment cleaning

  • Overhead and ceiling cleaning

  • Site preparation

  • Post-construction cleanup

  • Subfloor cleaning

  • Raised floor surface cleaning

  • Disinfection

To maintain optimal cleanliness and results, we recommend both subfloor cleaning and overhead or ceiling cleaning twice a year or once every six months. It is also advisable to ensure raised floor and equipment cleaning is done every three months.

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Our Reliable Data Center Cleaning Process

Before anything else, we will carefully inspect and evaluate each client’s data center.  Our teams work closely with our clients. Better Image Cleaning seeks to create a close working relationship with our clients.

Once we understand our clients' needs, goals, and expectations, our team creates a custom plan for efficient and high-quality data center computer room cleaning.

Professional and Affordable Data Cleaning Services in Atlanta, GA

Better Image Cleaning employs trusted and expertly trained cleaning technicians. Our team knows how to handle the best cleaning equipment available. Our professional technicians are meticulous in their work to ensure we exceed all client expectations.

Call 770-515-8999 today to schedule an appointment.

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