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Terminal Cleaning Snellville, GA

Terminal Cleaning Snellville, GA

In today’s post-pandemic world, terminal cleaning takes on a whole new level of necessity. Thoroughly cleaning patient treatment rooms and deep-cleaning every piece of equipment becomes even more important to prevent infection outbreaks.

Just as doctors and other healthcare workers are trusted to ensure the health and safety of patients, professional teams like ours take on the task to provide high-quality terminal cleaning services.

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Professional Terminal Cleaning in Snellville, GA

Healthcare facilities are at the forefront of the fight against not only COVID-19 but other pathogenic diseases. Ensuring each room and equipment is properly disinfected and sanitized is a crucial and time-consuming job.

It is an intensive procedure that requires the expertise of trained professionals.

Better Image Cleaning provides expert terminal cleaning services in Snellville and its surrounding areas. Our team has had years of experience helping healthcare facilities maintain a cross-contamination-free environment. 

We follow guidelines and recommendations set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other recognized health organizations.

Terminal Cleaning Snellville
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Key Benefits of Terminal Cleaning

  • Prevents the spread of infection and disease

  • Maintains regulatory compliance

  • Ensures safe and effective use of health tools, equipment, and supplies

Essential Areas of Cleaning

Germ and viral infections are on our minds today. There’s no question that the world greatly feels the consequences of not taking the necessary precautions to prevent the further spread of disease.

Our professional terminal cleaning crew cleans and safeguards these areas and the equipment within them against any hospital-acquired infections.

  • Patient treatment rooms

  • Recovery rooms

  • Patient bathrooms

  • Isolation rooms

  • Emergency rooms

  • Intensive Care Units

  • Operating rooms or surgery departments

Terminal Cleaning
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Our Trusted Terminal Cleaning Process

​Better Image Cleaning works closely with all our clients to ensure we deliver exactly what they need while also exceeding their expectations.


We make sure our services meet all necessary health standards and regulations. Our team regularly undergoes training to keep us all up to date with hospital and medical regulations and ensure our compliance.


In each terminal cleaning service job we take on, our cleaning technicians are properly suited up with complete personal protection equipment. Moreover, before taking on a new assignment, we make sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect our cleaning tools and supplies.

A Trusted Partner of Healthcare Professionals

Our cleaning technicians are experts in their field and specifically hired to ensure we continue to provide superior terminal cleaning services to all clients. Thanks to this, Better Image Cleaning has earned the trust of professionals in the healthcare industry — from small independent clinics to large, private hospitals.

We offer unmatched terminal cleaning services on our client’s terms. Not only does Better Image Cleaning help your hospital or clinic prevent the spread of diseases, but we also assist you in preparing for any regulatory inspections and accreditation.

Contact us today for more information or to book an appointment.

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