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Clean Room Cleaning Snellville

Cleanroom Cleaning Snellville, GA

At Better Image Cleaning, we specialize in cleaning and decontaminating cleanrooms. Our team adheres to the International Standards for Cleanrooms and Critical environments as well as IEST Recommended Practices and ISO 14644 – Classification of Air Cleanliness. Our staff is fully trained and will only introduce cleanroom certified equipment into your cleanroom. 

What Are Cleanrooms?

A cleanroom is a space where the concentration of particles in the air is controlled. It is designed and constructed so that the generation, introduction, and retention of particles inside the room are controlled as needed. This includes other relevant factors such as humidity, pressure, and temperature.

Moreover, a cleanroom can be used to assemble, manufacture and pack products. Cleanrooms require the elimination of airborne contamination from people, the facility, equipment, and processes. By adhering to the standards for cleanrooms and critical environments, the likelihood of microbes and particulates damaging a product is significantly reduced or even eliminated.

Microscopic Clean Room Cleaning
Clean Room Cleaning Atlanta

Common Contaminants

Among the most common contaminants in cleanrooms include dust, bacteria, human skin and hair cells, liquids, fungus, moisture, leaks and spills, perfumes, cosmetics, fibers, lint, and more. Unfortunately, much of the contamination that occurs within a cleanroom comes from those working inside.

Thankfully, there are various ways in which a cleanroom can prevent contamination:

  • Filtering and purging the room’s air while the production process is ongoing

  • Preventing the entry of particles from air gaps or the air filtration system

  • Providing air pressure and isolated clean spaces inside laminar flow hoods for procedures that involve hazardous chemicals or sterile compounding

At Better Image Cleaning, we can absorb that responsibility for you. Allow us to implement a cleaning program that reduces contamination risks, all the while making safety a top priority as we use noncorrosive chemicals to protect cleanroom personnel, product, facility, and equipment. 

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Our Cleanroom Services

These kinds of environments and the factors mentioned above should always be taken into consideration when developing a custom cleaning strategy. Our team will work with you to build a program that answers all your requirements while providing the optimum results for your production line. We provide contamination solutions starting with micro-cleaning ISO 3/Grade A all the way toISO 9/Grade D.

Better Image Cleaning provides excellent contamination control over all kinds of controlled environments such as cleanrooms. We understand that cleaning contaminants are essential for these unique environments, as well as the end-user of the products contained within. By staying true to these facilities ’ standards, we always come prepared to create a clean and safe space.

Your Cleanroom Deserves the Best

Be confident knowing that your work environment and other facilities are completely controlled. Our services follow the required ISO standards and specifications and are optimized for maximum productivity. Call Better Image Cleaning today to get the most comprehensive cleanroom services. 

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